Should You Wash Your Hair Before Getting It Colored

should you wash your hair before getting it colored

Should you wash your hair before getting it colored? This is one of the most common questions asked by newbies. Well, here is what experts think you should do.

Should You Wash Your Hair Before Getting It Colored?

According to hairstylists, skip washing the day you want to dye your hair. This is because most hair dyes are formulated to work better on dry hair, so you should skip using your shampoo and conditioner on your hair right before you color it. Also, dirty hair is easier to style.

If you leave your hair dirty before coloring, your hairstylist will thank you for it. This is because color holds better to dirty hair, which reduces the amount of work your stylist will go through to give you that perfect finish you deserve.

In addition, most stylists find it easier to place a foil in dirty hair than in clean hair. Another reason to leave your hair dirty is because of your natural oils.

The primary function of your natural oils is to lubricate your hair strands and scalp, but during the hair coloring process, they could help to protect your scalp from any possible irritation the dye could cause.

If you wash your hair right before dying, you might wash away too much of your natural oils. Without your natural oils to offer protection, your scalp is left exposed, and you might experience some discomfort during or after the dyeing process.

What Do We Mean By Dirty Hair?

When we refer to dirty hair, we don’t mean to say hair that hasn’t been washed for so long, that you can tell from a mile away that it hasn’t seen water, shampoo or conditioner in a while.

For the best results, desist from washing your hair 2- 3 days just before your appointment. If you have oily hair, you can leave your hair unwashed the day before you color it.

What Happens If You Color Your Hair Without Washing For 3 Days?

As said earlier, dirty hair colors well, but there is something as too much dirt. If you leave your hair unwashed for a long time, it will build up a lot of oil.

Also, residue from hair styling products you use will become more concentrated in your hair. When all these happen, you will end up with oily hair.

Many hairstylists advise against coloring your hair during this time because greasy hair lifts poorly and doesn’t color well.

When to Shampoo Your Hair Before Coloring It

Usually, you shouldn’t consider washing your hair right before you color it, especially if you want to get the best results. But, there are some exceptions to this rule.

For instance, if you go swimming in a chlorinated pool the day before or on the day of your color appointment, you must wash the chlorine out right before coloring.

If you don’t need shampoo first, the chlorine will remain on your hair, and when you color it, the dye will react badly with the chlorine and give you some unpleasant results.

Other Things To Note Before Dying Your Hair

Get A Good Colorist/Stylist

There are many professional hairstylists out there that are perfect in their craft, but many of them are expensive and probably beyond your budget.

This might make you consider going cheap, but we strongly advise against that. An affordable stylist may save you some money, but they will end up messing your hair.  A professional stylist won’t only get you the desired results but help you maintain it too.

Some professional stylists also offer advice to their clients on how to pick the right color, how to maintain the color, and the right hair products to use on your hair after you’ve colored it.

You should spend a little more and get the best services than to save up and regret the results later on.

Consider Maintenance

Before you pick a color, you should first plan for maintenance. Some colors look great and an alluring look, but they can be difficult and expensive to maintain.

Since there are different hair dyes, there are also different ways to maintain them. You can get useful maintenance tips from your hairstylist, which is another reason you should speak to them before picking a color.

How to Maintain Color-Treated Hair

After coloring your hair, there are several maintenance tips you should follow if you want the color to last longer.

Below are the essential maintenance tips that work for all hair types regardless of the hair dye you used in coloring your hair.

  • Avoid using your clarifying shampoo too often
  • Wash and rinse your hair with cold water only
  • Use leave-in treatments like a leave-in conditioner, to protect hair color when styling
  • Reduce the number of times you wash your hair to preserve the color
  • Use hair products free of sulfate and silicone
  • Do not wash immediately after coloring, wait for 48 – 72 hours, then shampoo.
  • Avoid swimming too often in chlorinated pools. Make sure you keep your hair protected  whenever you want to swim

Final Thoughts

The worst feeling is spending hours and hundreds of dollars on getting your hair the perfect color, only to end up with a hair disaster just because you wanted to keep clean.

To get that dazzling look you’re going for, avoid washing your hair at least a day before your coloring appointment.

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