Benefits Of Not Shaving Pubic Hair Male

Modern trends, celebrities, and skincare brands encourage that keeping your nether regions completely bare is the right way to go.

While this is unrealistic for most of the populace, many people struggle to stay clean-shaved due to the possible benefits that come with it.

However, there are many more benefits of not shaving pubic hair male. Find out below.

Benefits of not shaving pubic hair male

benefits of not shaving pubic hair
  1. Protection from Bacteria and Other Pathogens

Just like the eyelashes and nose hair protecting your sensitive parts from dust and dirt, pubic hair acts as a barrier, trapping dirt, debris, and harmful micro-organism.

The hair follicles also produce sebum, an oil that will inhibit the ability of micro-organisms to reproduce.

  1. Acts as a Buffer

Skin irritation could become a problem when you wear tight clothing over a bare pubic area.

The fabric will rub against the bare skin causing inflammation, redness, and other skin problems.

The pubic hair acts as a protective pillow to protect the skin from the friction that arises from walking while wearing clothing.

The defensive barrier will also help when you get intimate with your partner. It will reduce the friction of rubbing of skins as well as act as a shock absorber for high-intensity activities like exercising.

  1. It is more sanitary

While shaving your pubic hair with an electric shaver might prevent sweat from getting clogged in the hairs which would lead to odor, keeping the bush could save you from irritation, nicks, and cuts that come with consistent shaving.

Experts have warned that shaving your genital could increase your risk of infection.

  1. Regulates temperature

Hair is needed to keep the body warm as it acts as an insulator that traps air. The pubic hair has the same purpose.

While the summer heat will mean that you will sweat more down there, your pubic hair will provide your genitals with the right protection during the winter season.

How to Maintain Your Pubic Hair

While there are many benefits to keeping pubic hair, you might find it looking rather unhealthy if you don’t maintain it properly.

With the steps below, you should be able to appear neat while sporting a full bush.

Trim regularly

Shaving your pub’s hair could expose you to infections as well as irritation and ingrown hairs. This is more likely if you’re not good at shaving.

Also, shaving the pubic region can put you in some compromising positions which makes it more difficult to achieve a neat shave.

Trimming your pubic region is a better hair removal process that will save you all the time you need in preparing and lathering. Also, trimming is quite easier.

Trimming regularly helps to keep the hair in control and makes it easier to wash up.

Wash more

One of the biggest reasons why most people prefer to shave is to prevent odor down there.

Sweat could get trapped in the pubic hair which could lead to odor and a breeding ground for bacteria. However, this can be easily prevented without having to trim.

Take your time to wash your pubic area if you want to keep the hair. Also, take note of how often you sweat down there.

If you do sweat a lot, then you should wash more often, that’s if you want to keep smelling nice without having to shave.

Avoid Tight Clothing

While this is mostly recommended for those that shave, tight clothing will cause problems if you have a bush down there.

This is one of the main reasons for odors as the lack of air causes you to sweat which gets trapped in the hair.

This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and could later produce offensive odors.

If you’re not trimming or shaving regularly, you might want to avoid wearing tight clothes to prevent this problem.

Bottom Line

While keeping it bare is the modern trend, you might want to consider the benefits of not shaving before making your decision.