Why is My Electric Shaver Pulling My Hair

electric shaver pulling hair

Electric Shaver Pulling Hairlet’s Find The Answer

When you use an electric razor, inevitably, you’ll occasionally experience the unpleasant sensation of having your hair pulled.

This problem is most likely caused by improper shaving techniques or using the wrong razor for your face. It may also be caused by a dull blade or clogging in the razor.

Most people have experienced the pain of hair getting caught in their electric shaver or razor.

This can be a minor inconvenience, but it can also be a real problem if you have sensitive skin or irritation that is prone to infection.

Before you throw away your electric razor, learn why this happens and how to prevent it.

Electric Shaver Pulling Hair: Find Out Why

Using an electric razor causes the hair to be lifted and cut. Pulling can occur if too much pressure is applied or the blade isn’t sharp enough, especially around areas with coarse hair such as the chin and neck. 

The motorized blades give a quick tug to your hair before cutting it. If too much pressure is applied or the blades aren’t sharp enough, this can cause pulling.

Causes And  Solution

Using pressure

Electric razors are designed to glide effortlessly along the skin, so they don’t require pressure to get a good shave.

If you’re pushing too hard while shaving, that can cause the hair to be pulled out rather than cut off. Try to use only light strokes and allow the razor’s blades to do the work.

Too much pressure can cause the hair to pull and tear out the follicle. Some shavers have a built-in mechanism that indicates when too much pressure is being applied by triggering a warning light or sound.

If your shaver does not have such a mechanism, start shaving with less pressure, especially if you’ve been applying more pressure than usual in an attempt to get a closer shave. 

Electric razors are a convenient and fast way to shave. However, they can irritate if they begin pulling hair.

Hair Type

The type of hair and skin you have is an essential factor in determining whether an electric razor will pull your hair.

People with thick facial hair usually have more problems with an electric razor than those with thin facial hair since there is more resistance when shaving over coarse facial hair.

A foil shaver can cause minor irritation because it allows for a closer shave. The foil also protects sensitive areas of the face from the blades.

Skin Type

Your skin type is another important factor in choosing an electric razor that won’t pull hair.

Dry skin tends to be more sensitive than oily skin, so people with dry skin should use a moisturizer before shaving or find an electric razor that includes a moisturizing strip on the blades.

In addition, some electric razors can cause ingrown hairs when used on certain skin types. Try another brand if you notice ingrown hairs after shaving with an electric razor.

Not Shaving Often Enough

Electric razors require regular cleaning because stubble and dead skin cells can build up in the cutting mechanism, leading to pulling hair.

It’s best to clean them after every use, but at least every few days if you’re shaving daily. This also helps prevent clogged pores and ingrown hairs.

Incorrect Blade Angle

The blades on electric razors have a specific angle at which you must use them must generally be used 30-45 degrees from horizontal — for maximum efficiency.

They should not be held flat against the face or flipped upside down for trimming sideburns or other facial hair.

Choosing The Right Electric Razor

Some electric razors are designed for wet skin, while others are intended only for dry skin. Choosing the right electric razor for your skin and beard type is the first step in avoiding irritation and shaving bumps.

There are several different electric shavers out there, and only one will be right for you.

The Shaver Design

When you are shaving with a manual razor, you run the blade across your skin, and the hair is sliced off at the skin level. But when you use an electric razor, there is no blade, just a cutter.

Electric razors do not slide off the hair but rather pull it from the follicle. The result is that sometimes the hair becomes tangled in the blade and gets pulled out instead of being cut off.

This can cause ingrown hairs, as well as painful spots on your scalp or face where hair has been pulled out.

Improper Shaving Technique

Shaving against the grain increases your chances of having hair pulled out by an electric razor because more pressure is required to lift the hair for cutting when you shave in this way.

Apply less pressure when shaving against the grain to avoid pulling and irritation.

The Oil Blades Are Damaged

A damaged foil is a common cause of hair pulling in an electric razor. If the holes or slots in the foil are too large, hair will slip through instead of getting cut by the internal blades, leading to painful pulling.

You may also experience this problem if the foil has been punctured. It would help if you replaced damaged foils as soon as possible to prevent further damage to both your skin and the internal blades of your electric razor.

Your Razor Blades Need To Be Replaced

Electric razors are made up of blades that need regular replacement. These blades become dull over time, which may lead to them pulling on your hair instead of cutting it clean.

The Inner Blade Clogged With Debris

Pulling can also occur if your razor’s internal blades are clogged with debris such as hair or skin particles.

You can solve these problems quickly by replacing damaged or worn blades and cleaning out any gunk that may be present in the head of your shaver. 

Your Hair Is Too Long

If you’ve been using manual razors before making the switch to electric, then it may be that your hair is just too long for the device.

Electric razors are usually designed to cut short stubble so that they won’t work as well on longer hair. They may not cut at all.

If you’re making the switch from manual razor to electric, you have to make sure that your hair is at a length where an electric razor can work its magic – about 1-2 days of growth.

Another reason that electric shavers pull hair is that they don’t shave close enough for some people’s preferences.

Some men who shave their heads feel like they need scissors to trim as close as possible after using an electric shaver.

Try switching to an electric razor with rotating blades (like Norelco) if this sounds like you. 

Electric razors are designed to cut hair close to the skin quickly, but some models also pull out hairs. This is caused by using the wrong model for your face and hair type or misusing the razor.

Takeaway: When electric razors pull on hair, it’s usually not permanent. If you can change the settings on your razor or choose a new model that doesn’t cause pulling, you can avoid this painful problem.