Benefits Of Shaving Male Pubic Hair

Many men find themselves shaving down there just because their partners want it clean, but does shaving your pubic have any benefits other than bringing a smile to your partner’s face? As it turns out, it actually does.

The male pubic hair isn’t one of those body features that we don’t need (if there are actually any), its purpose is to reduce friction during intercourse and as well as prevent the transmission of pathogens like bacteria.

While these sound like good reasons to leave things the way they are, there are some even better reasons and benefits of shaving male pubic hair.

benefits of shaving pubic hair male

Benefits of Shaving Pubic Hair Male


While one of the advantages of keeping your pubic hair has to do with preventing the transmission of pathogens, it does come with a disadvantage.

Though you will want to keep that full bush to stay healthy, there are chances that you could get an unwanted infection if you don’t trim.

When you sweat, it gets trapped within the hair which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that could remain there for a long time.

If you’re not the cleanest man on the block, you might have to deal with unwanted infections later on.

Not only that, but your pubes might give out an offensive odor. Leaving it bare is the best way to remain clean and free of infections.

Make Your Erection Look Bigger

Not all of us are blessed with a big junk down there which might make you feel uncomfortable when in the room with your partner.

Switching off the lights won’t help here but there is something you can do to make yourself look bigger. Ungroomed pubic hair can hide your erection which makes it appear smaller.

By shaving away right before action, you can look at least an inch longer which will boost your confidence in the other room.

Increased sensation

A lot of people believe that removing pubic hair increases genital sensation. This is actually true as the skin is more sensitive to touch if no hairs are blocking its way.

Tips on How To Safely Remove Pubic Hair

Shaving your pubic is the easiest, pain-free hair removal process to go for. With these tips, you should be able to achieve that bare look in a few minutes.


Make sure you exfoliate before shaving and right after that. Exfoliating refers to removing dead skin cells that could block your pores.

After shaving, these dead skin cells can lead to skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

By exfoliating, you can reduce the chances of that happening. To do this, you will need a gentle loofah or scrub to clear the dead skin cells.

Wash beforehand

A good wash will not only prevent the transmission of bacteria but also soften your skin and open your pores.

This makes it easier for you to cut hair in one stroke rather than having to go over the same place twice.

Another benefit is that it will save you from skin irritation and other after-shave problems

Use sharp blades

Just like washing your pubes before shaving, using sharp blades will save you time by allowing you to get more work done in a single stroke.

You should check your blades before you start shaving and if you prefer to trim your hairs before shaving, ensure that the scissor isn’t used for other things to prevent transmission of bacteria.

Shave in the direction of hair growth

Avoid shaving against the grain (direction of hair growth) if you want to achieve a smoother region as well as have to deal with less irritation after shaving.

Avoid tight clothes for a while

Right after shaving, you might want to avoid tight briefs, boxers, and just about any underwear that will rub against your skin. This could lead to skin irritation or make it worse.

Consider Trimming

If you always have to deal with skin irritation after shaving, it could that you’re not using the right shaving techniques.

However, if you’re putting in the work and yet you’d have to scratch an itch afterward, it could be that your skin is too sensitive.

For those who have issues with ingrown hair, having curly hair is usually the problem. All these can be solved by ditching shaving for trimming.

Trimming is much simpler than shaving and you won’t have to lather up, wash up, or go through any tedious preparation process to trim.

You won’t also have to purchase a fancy trimmer (though having one could help you achieve the right look), as a pair of scissors could get the job done in no time.

To trim your pubic hair, you will have to do so when it is dry. You should also start by cutting it to smaller lengths before achieving the actual length you want. Avoid going too short so you won’t cut yourself.

Bottom Line

While there are so many benefits of shaving your pubic hair, you will have to watch out for the aftereffects. You can reduce this by using the right shaving techniques as well as moisturizing right after shaving.