Trimmer or Shaver for Pubic Hair – Find Out

Regular grooming is great for the pubic area especially if you want to appear neat to your partner or keep clean down there.

When it comes to grooming below the belt, there are two common ways that most men go for: Trimming and Shaving.

Using a trimmer or shaver for pubic hair could make the difference between how your pubic region looks and how you feel afterward.

Trimmer Or Shaver For Pubic Hair


Shaving refers to the complete removal of hair from the pubic region. Depending on the shaver, you can go straight away to remove the hair without applying lather or you could jump in the shower and get right to business.

Shaving gives you that completely bare look and makes your pubes feel fresh and clean.


Fast and Easy

While preparing your pubic region will take some time, shaving is a fast hair removal process that can be done in a matter of minutes.

Applying shaving creams also helps as the shaver will cut hair faster and in fewer strokes than if you had to go without the shaving cream.

Results Last Longer

Compared to trimming, the results of shaving will last quite longer. It will take your hair some weeks before growing into a full bush again so you won’t have to worry about shaving every few days.

Looks Cleaner

Your pubic region will look cleaner and fresher when you go with shaving. This is because you take out all the hair leaving only fresh, smooth skin.

This can be a great look if you’re meeting with a partner as it shows that you take your personal hygiene seriously.


Skin irritation

This is one of the biggest problems with shaving. When you shave against the grain of the hair, you are more likely to experience skin irritation when the hair starts to grow back.

This could also be due to dull blades. These blades are tough on the skin and you’d have to go through the same place more than once which leads to more after-shave problems.

Finally, there is the issue of wearing tight underwear right after shaving. The fabric of the underwear will rub against the bare skin leading to irritation.

Ingrown hairs

Shaving is one of the reasons why men have to deal with ingrown hair. This problem is more common in men with curly hair and could make that clean-shaved look you’re going for appear quite horrible.


Trimming is quite different from shaving and the preferred method for those that won’t want to deal with irritation, itching of pubs after trimming, and after-shave problems right after grooming their hair.

Trimming is all about shortening the hair to any length of choice. With trimming, you won’t go all bare but the hair can short be enough so that the area looks nice and tidy.


Improves the overall look

With trimming, you get to improve the overall look of your pubic region. Rather than having a bushy, ragged-looking area below the belt, you could end up with a well-mowed lawn.

Note that, the neatness of the area after a trimming session will depend on the proficiency of your trimming skills.

Saves time

Unlike shaving, you won’t have to spend a lot of time preparing your pubic area for trimming. You can go right ahead to trim when dry (which is the best time).

You might not also need a sophisticated trimmer to get the job done. A new pair of scissors will handle this with ease. However, you should take extreme care to prevent injuries.

No irritation to worry about

With trimming, you’d have to worry less about irritation, ingrown hairs, and just about any problem that shaving comes with.

This is because the trimmer or scissors won’t be making direct contact with the skin as you trim so the skin won’t feel irritated with every cut.

Also, trimming leaves hair above the skin surface. Unlike shaving, the hair is cut below the skin surface and could curl back into the skin while growing leading to ingrown hair.

This can’t happen with trimming as the hair remains above the skin surface after grooming.


Hair grows back fast

With trimming, the hair is more likely to fall out of style pretty fast so you might have to continue trimming every few days to keep it neat. This will require a lot of effort and time.

Trimmer or shaver for pubic hair

The best option will depend on how you want your pubic area to look. If you like it clean-shaved and you have great shaving techniques that will prevent skin irritation and ingrown hairs afterward, then shaving is the best option.

However, trimming is a lot better for those with sensitive skin and more prone to after-shave problems.