How To fix Wahl Clippers Loud Noise? Proven Ways To Actualize That

how to fix wahl clippers loud noise

How To fix Wahl Clippers Loud Noise? Everything You Need To Know

Wahl is without a doubt one of the best brands that you can own in haircutting tools. Over the years, they have proven time and time again that they are right at the forefront of ingenuity.

Not only this, but each one of their products comes backed with some kind of warranty. Whether it by 6 months or a year, you will be covered for some time after the initial purchase.

Wahl clippers are durable and resilient, but they are not impervious to problems. They are just mechanical machines. One of those common problems is noise.

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 Learn How To fix Wahl Clippers Loud Noise

Understanding Wear And Tear On Blades And Springs

The blades and springs are both integral parts of any set of clippers. The blades cut the hairs, while the springs at the part that reduce all the tension. You can imagine the incredible weight that these two components are under at all times.

The blades are constantly coming into contact with hair, dirt, and other debris, while the springs are absorbing the brunt of the tension from the motor and other vibrations. Therefore these two components wear out.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do to prevent them from wearing because they are mechanical, but a good maintenance routine can help increase the life span.

All that being said, it is not uncommon for the blade or springs to become bent on a Wahl clipper.  When this happens, it will cause the clippers to make loud noises and also affect the cutting performance of the hair clipper. Luckily, this is something that can be corrected fairly easily.

Accessing The Springs

You will want to start by removing the head of your clippers. This is the blade assembly, and it should be attached with two screws.

Remove the two screws and you will have access to the entire clipper set up. Once you remove blades, you will notice a setup with springs.

These are the spring that this article is referring to. It is not common for these springs to get bent or misaligned. You will be able to look at them and see if they are bent or out of alignment.

If one or both of them are, you can try to tweak them back in place, reassembling the clippers, and trying them out.

Inspecting The Blades

If nothing is wrong with the springs, then the blades may be the source of the noise. Heck, it could be possible that the source of the noise is both the blades and springs, so we will check both components before just throwing the clippers back together.

Unfortunately, there won’t be too much that you can do if the blades are bent besides replace them. There are some situations where you might do a little grinding and eliminate the noise, but it is highly unlikely.

Crooked Or Misaligned Blade

Loud noises could also just be a crooked or misaligned blade, which will be easier to deal with than a bent blade. To fix this problem, you need to start by loosening both blade screws, just enough to shift the blades.

Now that you can shift both blades, you want to make sure they are aligned properly. The points of the bottom blade should be about a dime’s width away from the points of the top blade. When you get the blade to this point tighten down on the screws.


Wahl clippers are dependable, but there are still plenty that could go wrong with them. However, with a little care and maintenance, there is a lot that you can prevent. And, what can’t be prevented can be fixed.

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